Monday, 28 February 2011

A Begginers Guide To SEO

Throughout this blog I am going to share with you key ways to improve your website or blogs search engine ranking (SEO).

 SEO can seem like a complete mind-field, but it really isn't. The key things you should remember are:

  • Do Not Ever SPAM
  • Avoid Automatic Directory Submission Services
  • Avoid Link Exchange Websites
  • Quality Content IS more important than SEO!

Stick to those rules above, and you can't go far wrong when it comes to improving your websites ranking.

But why would we want to improve SEO on our site?
Well, a search engines job is to search for websites that match what the user enters as a search term. So their whole business model relies on giving people what they are looking for. For example if you was to search for cars and instead got given boat websites, you would be fairly annoyed (even though you may like boats..). So the chances of you using that search engine website again are slim.

 This means search engines want to make sure they are giving the best results possible, and display them at the top. Did you know that around 70% of people will click on the first website given in the results? This basically means the further down the list your website is, the less traffic you will get sent.

 By improving our SEO, we can get listed higher in search engines, like google. This will mean more traffic, which ultimately generates more revenue.

BUT... a word of warning. There is no point getting 1000 people to visit your site a day, if 90% of them will leave your site after 10-20 seconds. It means all your SEO efforts were wasted. So before SEO comes quality content.